Timbre Audio Video Editor Android App Review

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Timbre for Android is a video and audio editing app which is quite effective in cutting and joining music or video files and also converting mp3, wav or mp4 files. It is a critically acclaimed apps that creates beautiful music and videos. All kind of operations can be done on the files and with ease. It lets you do more than just editing, split, join, remove sections, combine files and remove audio. Timbre is that one great app you need to check out for some good audio and video editing which is hard to come by on a mobile phone.

Cut, join and convert audio, video files effectively

Timbre Audio Cutter + Video Cutter for Android has a clean and a well designed interface that allows you to smoothly and convert audio and video files. You have five main tools that operate on both audio and video files. They are, Join, Cut, Convert, Omit and Split. Join combines multiple audio and video files. Cut allows you to cut a part of a file so you can use that part separately. Convert allows you to convert media files. The app can convert to video supported formats and audio supported formats. Omit is the reverse of cut, it allows you to remove a part of the medial file and saves the rest. Split slices a media file into two parts.

Timbre Audio Video Editor Android App Review

There are other features like Bitrate, Remove Audio, Video to Audio. Bitrate is only of audio files and is used to reduce the original bitrate of the selected files. You can remove the audio from a video file using the Remove Audio feature. Convert video file to an audio so you just have the audio using the video to audio feature.


Timbre Audio Video Editor for Android is a useful app for all kind of smart devices used by people of all walks in life. No restrictions in terms of age or skill. If you want to edit an audio or video using your device in an instant, this app is surely a one shot solution. The app supports almost all the audio and video formats. The app is free to download and use.

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