Xenowerk Android Game App Review

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Xenowerk for Android is a gaming app that is more of a traditional dual stick shooter game. This is an action shooter infested with mutants. An aftermath of a scientific experiment gone horribly you are the last hope to fight against this growing mutant attack. Developed by Pixelbite, the creators of Space Marshall, the game is a top down action based that challenges your combat skills. The premise is an underground science labwhere you need to work your way deeper and explore all levels.

Shoot the mutant and get rid of them from this world

Xenowerk game for Android is slick and fast with beautifully rendered with lighting and shadows. Your mission is to destroy all nests to avoid mutants from spreading. The game has 70 levels with increasing difficulty. You proceed through the game that takes you to vast expanding areas which you need to cleanse. Arsenals and weapons are necessary to stay alive in this game. You need heavy fire power and thicker armor to stay in shape. There are wide range of weapons and gear and picks up power as you slay each mutant.

Xenowerk Android Game App Review

Xenowerk game app also gives you a special power that boosts your attack whenever you need. You either activate one by one or all at once to wipe out the mutants. The dual stick touch controls work really well you just need to tap the right and left for specific action. The app will rate you based on your performance and will display your achievements in leaderboards. It is available in over 10 different languages. Play this game one mission at a time or hours together where you run around shooting mutants.

50 Mutant Infested Levels to Play

Xenowerk game app for Android with its advanced graphics gives you a picture clear shooting experience like never before. Armed with just a flashlight you will have to explore and exploit the mutants without knowing what lurks in the darkness. Wide range of weapons and arsenals will be made available as you proceed and succeed. All the weapons are upgradable so you can be better equipped to fight the mutants. The app is free to download with in-app purchases and ads.

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