Strava: Run & Ride Training iPhone App Review

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Strava: Run & Ride Training for iPhone is a fitness app that gets more and more people running. There is a surge of people who have taken the fitness mantra more seriously and sports and fitness app has always found loyal followers for its ease of handling and implementation. Strava app is more for the competitive souls who love to have it tough. It is a robust application that aids both athletes and runners. Inspiring many to achieve their fitness goals, the app is considered as the social media for fitness enthusiasts.

Get motivated, get fit with fitness guru Strava

Strava Activity & Distance Tracker for iPhone provides three ways to train and track your fitness activity. Analyze, mix new routines and challenge and complete yourself. You can find data like distance, pace, speed, elevation. Apart from this you also get to know how much calories you have gained or lost. Having a routine with a mix of different styles of workout will help you achieve. The app devices monthly challenges for its regular members that helps then push their limit and also complete with others. Compare your scores in the leaderboard to see where you fare with others. You can sync data on Apple watch and any other GPS device.

Strava Run Ride Training iPhone App Review

Apart from running and cycling, the app also offers swimming, hiking, gym, yoga, kayak, surfing and rock climbing. It helps you read your heart rate and biometric data in collaboration with other health apps. Athlete posts are a feature where you can read posts from other athletes and learn tips to improve their health and fitness. A novice user can benefit a lot from this simple feature. The app also publishes content on athletics fir its users fir their further knowledge.

Best Activity & Distance Tracker App

Strava: Run & Ride Training for iPhone has a whole lot of dynamic features that benefits runners and cyclists. It is intuitive and simple to use with challenging packs and great performance. Be a part of millions of active people, collaborate with like minded people, get to be a part of groups who can enthuse you to reach your fitness goal. The app is free to download and requires iOS 11.0 or later.

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