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ChoreMonster app for iPhone makes chores fun for kids. In fact, the makers claim that your kids would beg to do chores. As a parent, it is always hard to make kids do chores. Most kids complain and get bored pretty easily when they hear about doing chores. ChoreMonster adds fun to the task of doing chores. Let us see how the app helps you to make chores fun for your kids.

Making Chores Fun

ChoreMonster for iPhone adds elements of gaming to the task of doing chores. Every time your child does a chore, he/she earns points, which they can spend for getting rewards. You would have the power to set the chore and also the rewards. For example, when your child cleans his/her room, you can reward your child by allowing him/her an extra hour of TV. The best thing about the app is that it allows your child to plan. For example, he can do one task and get a small reward instantly or he can do multiple tasks on time and get a big reward like a trip to an adventure park! Thus, the game teaches your kids skills that would be of help later in life.

App Highlights

Makes chores fun
Set your own tasks and rewards
Easy to set up
Child safe
Different sections and mini-games to keep your child interested.

Make chores Fun For Kids

ChoreMonster app for iPhone is designed for parents who want to teach their child the right way of doing stuff. It is really easy to use. So, even if you are a grandparent who has little skills when it comes to smartphones, even then you would be able to use it just perfectly. Download the app today and watch your kid’s face light up when you give them a chore.

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