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ClassDojo iPhone App an excellent communication app that turns classroom into a community.It brings in teachers, parents and students together to build a nurturing classroom community. From the start of the academic year to the end, the app covers all activities in collaboration with the parents. Share activities on the app and helps you keep discussions on track. An innovative way to manage classroom easily and effectively. The most of the administration tasks done by teachers are automated. This helps save a lot of time that the teacher can actually spend it with the students.

Share moments and turn classroom into an amazing community

ClassDojo app for iPhone is simple, beautiful and safe. The app is used in over 180 countries and are leaders in this category of apps. Creates harmony among students and builds a healthy community of teachers and students. Brings together parents and imbibe the feel of the classroom by sharing photos and videos. Announcements can be sent out as messages and parents can read that instantly.

With ClassDojo iPhone app teachers can also chat with parents regarding students progress. Assign activities to students and record a video. Record in detail explaining the assignments so parents can help their child at home. Award points to encourage students. This will reinforce positive behavior. Privately track student behavior and present the assessment to parents. Send gentle reminders to parents or students on any issue. Students can see where they stand in group activities or classroom decorum. Teachers can decide on rewards for achievements. Report cards can be done in a breeze. The teachers will have to keep recording their points for academic and non academic subjects.


ClassDojo iPhone app makes it easy for parents to know how the day was for the child at school. Parents can be at peace knowing that they can communicate with anybody from school at anytime of the day. The app is available in most of the European and Asian languages. It works well in all apple devices.The basic version of the appis free for parents, teachers and students. It offers six more version with additional features for upgrade from in app purchases.

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