Netsanity Parental Control iPhone App Review

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Netsanity parental control provides parental controls and restrictions over your Apple iOS device. Lets you be at peace as you are aware that your kids will not venture into content that is not age appropriate. There are 23+ premium features that can be activated on your child’s iOS device. The app keeps you sane by relieving you out of the stress that you may experience when your child is with a smartphone or a tablet. A cloud of doubts may invade you of not knowing what they are up to with the device.

Enjoy your day in peace and sanity

Netsanity parental control app for iPhone gives all parents an incredible power to control their child.The app blocker feature blocks over 75 pre-screened apps. You cam set a time period for the block. So, if you find that the child is spending too much time on Snapchat, Instagram or playing games, block them when it gets too much. Time blocker is another excellent feature that schedules device timeout. Use it when you want schedule bedtime or after school studying hours.

The Netsanity iPhone app notifies you whenever your child installs an app or uses more than the scheduled time. The app makes sure you are aware of all the apps that are used by your child. The CatBlocker feature filters website content that belongs to more than 50 categories. This ensures your kid is protected from all kind of adult content. Safe search let’s you child enjoy the freedom of internet without the risks of unfiltered search. Disable camera, browser, downloads and screenshots. Activity logs will give you details about all the websites the child visits.


Netsanity parental control iPhone app is akin to no app. It is less intrusive that your child will not be aware that there is such an app installed. They have a great customer service. For people who are already customers of Netsanity web version, can directly download the app and use. For others, the app is available for a 14 dayfree trial for download and use on any two apple device.You can subscribe for further use.

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