Mr Bullet Spy Puzzles Android App Review

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Mr Bullet Spy Puzzles Android App is based on shooting and puzzles. Its a heady mix of both worlds. You need brains as well as muscles. It is a shooting game where you also need to solve challenging puzzles. The main character in this is a spy and you need to use him to kill all the enemies. You can use shooting, explosions or other combating techniques. You will have a limited number of bullets and grenades. The puzzles are mostly super simple based on physics. There are different levels each having challenging obstacles for you overcome.

Collaborate and communicate with a difference

Mr Bullet Android App is not the traditional set of puzzle games. The spy, Mr Bullet, is on a secret mission. You need to use your accuracy and precision to tackle the enemies and move from one level to another. The shooting experience will be phenomenal. You will face another spy agent, zombies and so on terrains ranging from cities to jungles. Only your tactics can save the world from them.

Each level of Mr Bullet Spy Puzzles App has its own unique challenges. You can unlock new missions that can be mini game puzzles, hostages or duels. In a hostage, you cannot kill the bystanders. If need be create chain reactions to achieve the target and move on. You will become a master shooter at the end of the game. You will acquire the timing, patience and the Zen to be an excellent shooter. It has a multiplayer duel where you can fight other players online.


Mr Bullet Spy Puzzle android gaming app is a pleasure to play with for those who live some action and also tease their brain.You will be tackling zombies to ninjas. Puzzles can get tougher as you move up the level. It ranges from bouncing bullets to manipulating moving platforms. With the first few levels you can easily learn the mechanics of the game.The app is free to download and use. You can upgrade to an ad free version by paying a small amount. Additional combats and character skins are available as in app purchases.

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