ClevNote Notepad Android App Review

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ClevNote for Android is a note taking app that allows you to organize and manage your daily memos. You can call it a memo app that helps you with this daily chore of writing memos. The app can create a general text memo to bank memos, checklist, birthday list, site IDs, and so on. Conveniently and easily write text memos how much short or long they are. ClevNote app is similar to other apps of the same genre but has a whole lot more than just taking notes.

Make your life easier by efficiently taking notes

ClevNote Notepad for Android has a versatility and is multipurpose in nature. The app supports a list of different styles of memos and note taking. And, with just a few taps you can create these notes. Manage all the bank account number. Easily copy it to the clipboard and use it to the way you want. You are never going to forget birthdays or anniversaries of people who matter most. The app can create birthday list and reminds you as and when the date approaches. Get ready to shop without forgetting to buy what you had in mind. Create shopping lists by jotting down necessary items. Modify and make changes as and when you like and use it shop without any apprehension.

ClevNote Android App Review

Nowadays people use a slew of websites dedicated for different purpose along with the user name and password. It becomes strenuous to remember them correctly. The app has ‘Website ID list’ feature that saved all website IDs and the passwords. The data I’d quite secure and can be used at your convenience.


ClevNote note taking app for Android manages your life in a better way by cleverly managing lot of information that come across you everyday. Efficiently and productively stores information in a manner perceived by all. With smartphones in vogue and has become an integral part of human life, it is now easy to have everything in your finger tips and this app helps us do it with ease. The app is free to download from Play Store.

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