WhatTheFont Android App Review

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WhatTheFont for Android is a font identifying app that helps you identify fonts which are used in the text in a snap. It is a magical app which helps anyone who loves typography like designers, crafters and so on. It is quite useful in cases when you have a picture and you really want to know what fonts has been used or your client has sent a pictures and you want to find the exact font used. This is the app version of already successful venture of MyFont.com.

What is the font? Shazam… swat the magical wand and here it is

WhatTheFont app for Android has over 133,000 font styles and works with connected script when you have more than one font to find. The app provides you with best possible matches. You just need to upload an image and click the text you want the font to be identified. You will get the results immediately. To better the results you need to upload good quality image and that the text is horizontally aligned. You can also type out the text and find the fonts by trying out the various options. You have a project were you need specific and very different font; the app can give you plenty of idea.

WhatTheFont Android App Review

You just want to learn the different font names. WhatTheFont app even has matcherator and whatfontis to name a few. The app is powered by artificial intelligence and hence it is quite fast and simple to use. Browse and go through the catalog to fetch for fonts you had in mind. You just need to swipe and tap. Point your camera at the text you want to identify; now it doesn’t get simpler than this.

Identify All Fonts Easily

WhatTheFont Android app recognizes all the fonts and its variations and so lets you buy the fonts directly through MyFonts.com. It is absolutely fuss free and works very well for all type of fonts even if it has to spot multiple fonts in one snap. It is powered by the largest collection of fonts and uses deep learning technology to search and find the correct font. The app is absolutely free to download and use.

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