Clubhouse The Social Audio App for Android Review

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Clubhouse app for Android is a free audio-focused social networking platform. We may establish and join ‘rooms’ where we can talk with others in a large conference call using the app. There are no movies, images, or even text to be found. It’s similar to listening to a podcast, but in real time, with an extra degree of exclusivity. Users can join and exit the call whenever they choose. The Clubhouse social network is exclusively accessible via invitation. This implies we’ll need an invitation from a current member to join. We can still get the app, but we’ll be added to what appears to be an ineffective waiting list. Currently, everyone who receives a Clubhouse app invite is only given two further invites.

Have great conversation

When we join, we may choose from a variety of themes such as health, technology, business, and more. With one person speaking and several listening, the discussion room functions similarly to a conference call. The room is then closed once the talk is finished. To begin with, any discriminatory or violent conduct is severely discouraged by the app. Conversations are controlled by the room’s hosts. When speakers are finished, hosts have the ability to ‘kick’ them out. Many Clubhouse social network rooms are active for more than two hours, therefore hosts should reset the room every 30 minutes or so. If we’re a member of the audience, the moderator can trigger the raise your hand button. We will be able to join the rooms on our homepage. We may click “raise hand” or “request speaking” once we’ve logged in. If we are ‘pinged in’ by a buddy, we can also enter a room simply clicking via the notice. To exit the room silently, simply press the “leave softly” button.

Clubhouse Social Audio App for Android

Attractive and addictive application

Clubhouse The Social Audio App for Android has a basic layout and allows us to meet new people and form relationships. We may attend debates, lectures, performances, book groups, and comedy acts for free using the app. Users will be able to earn money using the app by purchasing subscriptions, hosting events, and getting tips. In order to make it simpler to locate individuals to follow, Clubhouse encourages us to link your contacts. It’s a place where you may have amazing moments with other humans and leave feeling better than when you came, whether you’re conversing with your closest friends or creating new ones. The app requires Android 7.0 and up.

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