Taskito: Task Manager & To-Do List with Reminder for Android

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Taskito: Task Manager & To-Do List with Reminder for Android is a task management tool that helps us to organise our tasks, to-do lists, and our whole day. It allows us to keep track of our tasks and organise our time. It’s a productivity tool that lets us to customise our events and define the importance levels of each activity so we don’t miss a beat. In Taskito, creating a task is a breeze. All we have to do is type in the task’s name and the time we want the app to remind us to complete it. We may also choose the priority level of our assignment. Each level would be coloured differently. We only need to choose which days of the week the task repeats on to set up repeating tasks, and it will be applied automatically once we save it.

Plan everything in one space

Adding particular tags to our activities or calendar might be beneficial. The timeline view is perhaps one of the most sought-after features in a planning software because it aids in viewing our pending chores. Taskito gives us the option of seeing our tasks and projects on a daily or monthly basis. We may also rearrange the things in our timeline according to our preferences. The app has an unplanned task area that reminds us of tasks that haven’t been dated or assigned yet. Taskito enables us to customise our notes in whatever way we desire. We may assign them a certain priority, create checklists, and even assign them to a specific project. We have a lot of theme options to choose from. Making chores should not take as much time as some individuals believe.

Taskito Task Manager Android App

A complete app for planning

Templates make it so that we don’t have to continually setting up our tasks the way we want them to look. In the workspace area, we may see how productive we were in the previous week. We may also compare the dates by pressing the weekly buttons. By heading to the workspace, we may also add tasks, reminders, notes, and templates. We may use Taskito for a variety of things, like taking notes, repeating activities, and creating templates to save time. It’s a multi-purpose software that may help us to plan our day. A separate project board, an infinite amount of recurring tasks, additional themes, and calendar connections are among the premium features.

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