Coub GIFs with Sound Android App Review

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Coub – GIFs with Sound for Android helps you make creative gifs from whichever video loops you select. It is the perfect way to make gifs of high definition quality. GIFs are the best to express what you feel in a lighter tone. It keeps your social media platform ticking. People will easily understand the meaning and give you instant feedback which will help you further hone the art. A best moment can be captured and expressed clearly with a beautifully done GIF. You can be the boss and choose your own content or create one from scratch. With variety of different videos available in YouTube and other platforms, GIF making is easier with this app.

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Coub – GIFs with Sound for Android is a simple and user-friendly app with a neat interface. It seamlessly creates loops of videos with HD quality. You can have your own channel or follow a collection of themed channels that consists of content like anime, series, TV shows, movies and more. You can find whatever that interests you in this platform. You can make interesting coubs from different videos you source from the device library, Camera, YouTube and others. You can select the best moment and easily trim them with help of the video editor present in the app. The app allows you to select any audio track from the library to add a unique atmosphere to the gif. You will have option to subscribe to users channels and collect different coubs for your own channels.

Coub GIFs with Sound Android App Review


Coub – GIFs with Sound for Android is a fantastic platform for GIF makers and those who enjoy gifs. There are tens and thousands of Gifs you can view. The GIFs you create stay true to its original content. The GIFs are not overly compressed and has high definition and resolution. you can view it any format like widescreen, vertical and format. With cool music, the gif can define your interests in a better way. The app is free for download and use. Requires Android 5.0 and up.

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