Foscam Android App Review

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Foscam for Android keeps you close to home while being far away. It is the world’s most trusted security camera that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. The makers have ten years of experience in the industry and they have customers across 80 countries. The app can smartly connect your home and business. While at work, you can check on your pet and also keep tab on your nanny. It will make it tough for robbers to steal anything from your premise. It is a convenient feature that can be installed and configured within minutes. You can view the video live, detect sound and motion, and receive alerts based on security events.

Stay On Top Of Home Security With Foscam

Foscam for Android is a simple and convenient app that increases the security of your premise. The intuitive cloud-based app has an intelligent timeline and the video recordings are stored safely in secure cloud servers that follows military standards. You can use your smart phone to watch over the house and if you upgrade or the phone is lost you can download the video recordings from the cloud server. You can easily scan all the cloud footage and offers convenient scan and search functions. You can configure and schedule recordings, zoom, tilt and pan cameras using the smart phone. The alerts are instant and you will directly see who has been stealing the Amazon packages from your doorstep. The new interface is neat and intuitive. The app allows you to configure and control the camera anytime and anywhere.

Foscam Android App Review


Foscam Android app is an intelligent and secure app based on artificial intelligence. There are interesting features that increases the security of your home like for example, voice messages for doorbells, alarm page filters among others. You need to read the product specification to find a comparative camera device. The app supports HD cameras and only supports official Focasm accounts. They do not support any other third-party accounts. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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