Counter Terrorist FPS Flight Android App Review

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Counter Terrorist FPS Flight Android App is a gaming app which is an anti terrorist action game.It is cool and you can play it offline. It addresses the need to combat terrorism. It helps create a deep understanding on the kind of destruction and huge losses that the world faces due to terrorism apart from providing the adrenaline rush to win the game. As you keep winning, you become the ultimate counter terrorist. You get to train with modern weapons. It gives you sheer joy to devise strategies to fight the terrorists. It is a real war like scenario complete with tanks and bases. You are designated to destroy the ammunitions of enemies in order to claim victory.

Fight the terrorists and Learn the art of combat

Counter Terrorist FPS Flight Game App for Android is a first person shooting game that is replete with action. Your ultimate aim is to stop terrorism and make the world a better place to live. Your combat mechanism included range shooting and destroying the tanks and bases of the enemies. Initially you may take time to learn the controls and use the various weapons. There are MP5, AK47, M4 rifles, Sniper rifles and shot gun. As you start using these, it becomes more and more easier to handle. You will realize that the controls are smooth and easy.

Counter Terrorist FPS Flight Android Game app have multiple scenarios with different locations that you can choose. You have desert, industrial, army, navy base and so on. The graphics is eye catchy. It looks realistically beautiful with an amazing 3D graphics and animations. It has the perfect sound effects. It let’s you choose your mission like sniper, rescue hostages, diffuse bombs, destroy terrorists and so on. This is perfect as you can play multiple times with different missions.


Counter Terrorist FPS Flight for android is an interesting game app that has caught the attention of millions. It has strong violence and may not suit for age group 16 and below.Download and play it in any Android device and you will not need internet connection to play the game.The app is free to download with in app purchases and ads.

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