U-Dictionary Translate & Learn English Android App Review

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U-Dictionary is a user friendly android platform application which can be used as a personalized English dictionary and also as a multiple language translator. It offers translation between two languages and it consists of collection of around 108 languages! This application will be a really helpful tool for everyone especially for career enthusiastic professionals and also for students. It also provides English articles and activities like games and quizzes to enhance our English language skill. It also includes Synonyms, Antonyms, Phrases, Sample sentences etc. The multiple language translator allows the user to transfer between two languages anytime such as for studying or in situations like wants to read or communicate with unknown language persons.

How it works

The U-Dictionary Translate & Learn English app for android supports camera translation of 12 languages such that the user can capture the image of a text therefore the application translates the text into required output. It also consist of offline access to 44 languages and synonyms, antonyms, Collins Advanced Dictionary etc. if the language package is been downloaded. We can also view the word we chose on lock screen if we download the offline package. While searching for something and can’t find the meaning of it, the user can just copy the text and instantly he/she will get the exact meaning of the sentence. Also there is an option to view the meaning in the notification bar without the need of opening the app. Another feature is that the words can be stored in a different files hence can be acquired easily for quick revision.

Knowing how to read the sentence but can’t able to pronounce it perfectly? The U-Dictionary android app also includes the pronunciation feature which helps to listen and learn the language in both British and American accent. When having free time, having simple word games such as spelling test, synonym tests and also watching sample funny videos can help to learn English very easily from the application itself. The Writing club is also another concept in the app to write about the themes which will be updated weekly helping to improve the writing skills.


The U-Dictionary Translate & Learn English android app has been awarded the best app and the best Self-Improvement in 2016 and it is been developed by Youdao (Hong Kong) Limited. The app is a great way to learn and understand new languages and its accents. It comes with a well set of amazing features and is available for free and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Overall one of the best education app for all android users.

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