DUAL Android Multiplayer Game App Review

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DUAL for Android is a multiplayer gaming app that can be played between two people from two different devices. It is a two person game with real time action. The gameplay is unique where the two players using the respective devices will shoot at each other. The shooting takes place from one screen to the other screen. It is a game between two people across two screens. Real time action with challenge lies in keeping an eye on the other players screen to help you defend and strike better.

Shoot around like a maniac in this dual game

DUAL for Android makes it easy to pick up and start a game with anyone on theWi-Fi or Bluetooth. There are three modes in which you can play the game. DUEL, DEFLECT and DEFEND. In the dual mode, you just need to tilt your phone to shoot and charge your friend. The defend mode makes you work together to defend from the middle from onslaughts of the other user. In deflect mode, you score by blasting, banking and curving balls from one screen to another. Playing the game is similar to playing a tilted ping pong in a head to head collision with your opponent.

DUAL Android App Review

Each player will get a ship that moves around as you tilt the phone. Tap to fire a missile from the ship that will travel to the opponents screen and hopefully hits the enemy ship. You tap and hold to open a charge of rapid fire. You will need to hit the enemy ship to win the game.


DUAL for Android is easy to master and play. The plot is simple and engages you in a fun and challenging head to head competition. The colorful low resolution graphics is easy on the eyes and the device. Both the players need to be on the same WiFi network. It is one of the magical feeling you get when you sit right across each other and sending bullets that actually brings the two individuals close and personal. The app is free to download with in-app purchases and ads.

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