MyScript Calculator Android App Review

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MyScript Calculator for Android is an educational app that helps you quickly calculate answers to mathematical problems. The problems could be a simple addition to a complex integration. The app does not give you a keyboard to type these problems; instead you use your fingers, stylus or even an Apple pencil. MyScript app converts the numbers and signs into text and immediately displays the answers. With adult supervision, children can use the app to learn Math in a unique and fun way that improves there confidence in the subject.

Get confident with math, get MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator for Android has an intuitive app that supports you to enter handwritten mathematical equations with ease. The main screen has a grid format similar to a graph. This helps you to write both numbers and mathematical symbols with ease. It is consistent and organized so you will not make any mistakes while you write. It is easy, simple and intuitive. You can write the problems in a vertical or horizontal format. You will see how the single step problems are converted into digital steps and the result is shown quickly. The app works very well on phone, tablets of all brands.

MyScript Calculator Android App Review

You get the feel of writing on a math note than on a digital screen. You need to scratch like the way you do it on books, the numbers and symbols will be deleted. You can undo and redo as many times the way you do it with any other application. The official website has demos and examples that will teach you how to write mathematical equations on the app. You can mail them any issues and that will be resolved in the next update.

Perform Mathematical Operations Easily

MyScript Calculator for Android is an one stop shop for all things mathematical. You could solve anything from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to complex problems like percentages, square roots, fractions, and so on. Become an expert in math and learn to solve a wide variety of problems. Elementary school kids to a math graduate would find patron to this app. The app is free to download and works on devices running Android 4.0 and up.

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