Flamy Quit Smoking Android App Review

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Flamy Quit Smoking for Android is a wellness app that helps you overcome your smoking addiction. You want to quit smoking successfully, the app has all the necessary features that will help you to become an ex smoker. Not just health, you will also get back your wealth as it helps you stop spending for this unnecessary indulgence. Smoking is surely injurious to health and if you have decided that you want to quit, the app provides a neat and sure shot solution to all your addiction issues.

Achieve success, health and wealth as you become smoke free

Flamy Quit Smoking for Android has a smart interface that gets you addicted to it. It provides you with two methods of quitting your smoking habit. Depending on the level of addiction you can choose to quit smoking slowly by selecting one less everyday program or if you are confident you can select the 14 days challenge. Before starting with the any of the program, the app will prepare you to face the challenge lying ahead. This will cushion you and make you better prepared as you plunge into the journey to quit smoking. Create goals and try achieving thatso you know you are on the right path to achieve success.

Flamy Quit Smoking Android App Review

There are other unique ways the app implements to keep you focused. Helps you stay motivated with a variety of motivation cards that gives you interesting facts worth knowing. It supports you with helpful tips that give you an easy solution to quit your bad habit. Challenge s friend to have a bet with you and this will give you enough vigor to help you become a successful quitter.


Flamy Quit Smoking for Android is an excellent tool for those who honestly wish to quit smoking. Want to live a carefree life with good health, and then this app is for you. You just need to select one method that works well for you and make up your mind to quit smoking. Achieve freedom from a bad habit that used to pull your health and self esteem down the drain. The app is free to download with in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $3.99 per item.

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