Duck Duck Moose Reading Android App Review

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Duck Duck Moose Reading for Android is an award winning app with 9 different word and letter activities which help kids learn by feeding and playing with animals. You can also make your own zoo scene by collecting animals from your habitat there by learning more letter sounds. The app is based on the Common Core Standards and developed in conjunction with a Stanford University educator, Jennifer DiBrienza who is a former NYC public school teacher and has done PhD in Early Elementary Education.

Get Your Kids Busy with this app

Parents can get their kids occupied with this colorful, visually busy and early reading app which focuses on early reading skills like letter recognition and letter sounds. Duck Duck Moose Reading for Android has exercises which slowly increase in difficulty by level. It also has a parent page where in parents can track the progress of their kids through a new parenting reporting tool. The app teaches kids phonics through 9 different activities and also get to learn the letters sounds of all consonants, short vowels and long vowels.

This award winning educational app for children was founded by three parents in 2008. It has also won 15 Parents’ Choice Awards and a KAPi award for the Best Children’s App at the International Consumer Electronics Show. The app ensures that the little kids do not get distracted easily and has whimsy and educational content for all to enjoy. Duck Duck Moose Reading was also tested in Kindergarten classrooms.

Is the app any Good?

Duck Duck Moose Reading for Android offers good skills practice and the verbal instructions are clear, activities are fun and the reporting is detailed. However, the app has its own cons. The activities move rapidly and so does the music which can be distracting for the kids. The app may not be a best choice for kids who get easily distracted or needs an extra time in reading practice. But overall it is a great app for kids helping them to learn letter-sound and word activities and also help kids to early reading skills. Cheerful playful learning at your fingertips with this app.

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