RoboKiller: Spam Call Blocker iPhone App Review

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RoboKiller for iPhone is a spam call blocker app that helps you block unwanted calls and messages like the telemarketing calls. The app can answer spam calls automatically with prerecorded response that is designed to irritate and waste the user’s time. The app makes use of database of known spammers to block calls and also let’s you add numbers you want to block to this database. The app not only just block callers but also messes with the spammers with its own answer bots.

Prevent spammers in a more effective way

RoboKiller for iPhone reduces spam calls by 90%. It has the power to block over a 100000 spans and also shows you exactly who is calling you even before you could answer the call. The app turns phone numbers into names, addresses and even photos. You will really don’t have to waste time figuring out who is on the other line. The app uses a patented FTC award winning technology that is foolproof. The spam list updated automatically giving you an up to date security from spammers. It gives you full control to configure. You can block bad numbers and allow good numbers that got blocked.

The missed calls can be identified with caller ID that includes names, addresses and photos. The missed and blocked call will be found in the recent call list along with details on why the block callers called. RoboKiller app needs the permission to send notifications and access to the contacts. With notifications, it can sent alerts in the calls and can clear calls based on the ones that is already present in the contact list. The spam box will have statistics and gives you option to review recently blocked calls.

Reduce Unwanted Calls Easily

RoboKiller for iPhone is a must have for those who really would like to free themselves from unwanted calls. The app automatically reduces unwanted calls by blocking numbers identified as spam callers. It acts like a filter for the phone. RoboKiller app is free to download and use for a free trial period with in app purchases for monthly and yearly memberships. The subscription automatically renews at the end if the billing period.

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