EnlightPixaloop- Move Photos iPhone App Review

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EnlightPixaloop iPhone app is a photo animation app that lets you create moving photos and bring life to them. Part of Enlight Creativity Suite, it is the newest addition that takes photo editing to the next level. You want to wow your friends with your creativity. Use this app to create magic out of your photos that are dear to you. Easily create animated photos and use artificial intelligence powered water animation. Replace normal looking background with colorful, variety and natural pictures. Hypnotic motion can be added to the images that create movement that catches your mind. The app also let’s you add video effects and other moving elements on a still photo. There are infinite creative possibilities that helps explore your imagination.

Run your imaginations wild and this app will help you capture it

EnlightPixaloop app for iPhone creates lot of excitement in you with its abundance of features. With a few taps and swipes, easily animate photos. The app gives you a lot of tools to do it right. There are arrows to show motion direction and anchor points to hold parts of images. You can freeze a certain section of the photos and animate the rest. Effortlessly create water movement with AI powered water animation. Replace background with sunsets, sunrises, animated clouds and skies that depicts time lapse.

Create spinning towers, umbrellas or move your monuments around. Add video effects and overlay and control movement and animation. You can add speed, direction and style and also have cinematic movement with camera effects. Add candle flickers, coffee steam and a butterfly and add drama to your still photos.


EnlightPixaloop iPhone App is quite an interesting app. It does belong to the high end photo editing category with the different kinds of tools and features it has. It is do easy and precise, with just a few taps. You can create incredible videos with your photos and make it look like a gif animation. The basic version is free to use. Additional features are available with unlimited access that can be subscribed for a monthly and annual basis through the in app purchases.

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