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Erudite Dictionary, Translator & Widget for Android is a dictionary and thesaurus app with translation support. The app is robust with bilingual abilities that support over two dozen languages. It has more information on grammar, in built phrasebook, word of the day and even bookmark. Erudite has widgets that can be added to the home screen, where you can display word of the day and new terminologies. Comprehensive details for each word searched is presented in an easy to read format with example.

Dictionary, Thesaurus and Translator, an All in One App

Erudite app for Android uses a material design and it is quite delightful to use. For a dictionary and thesaurus app, it covers a lot of bases. All features are available in the free version. Apart from dictionary and Thesaurus, other features included are grammar, flashcards, phrasebook, bookmark and widgets. Thesaurus helps you understand synonyms and antonyms of a particular word and using the grammar learn how to construct sentences with it. Flashcards help you improve vocabulary by making you memorize the words.

Essential phrases that can be used on a daily basis is present in phrasebook. Bookmark favorite words and search history so you can get back to them easily. It lets you import and export bookmarked content. The widget feature slid allows you to search for a word instantly. Improved user interface and system performance has increased used experience. The new update has added over 31 languages for translation. Word of the notifications will alert users promptly so they will not miss adding a new word in their vocabulary. This feature is available only for Android 5.1 and above. The quick search window has enhanced features.


Erudite for Android is one of the most useful bilingual Thesaurus and dictionary app with all features incorporated that is most valued for the best of language app. The languages it supports vary from English, Spanish, French, German to Hindi, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, and Serbian. The app is free to download with in app purchases and ads. The paid version can be downloaded to remove all advertising.

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