F-Stop Gallery Android App Review

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F-Stop Gallery for Android is a feature-rich photo and video organizer app that organizes pretty well and fast all the photos and videos you have collected over years. It is an alternative image gallery that provides you with professional tools to help you organize your photos easily. Similar in line with Google photos, F-Stop Gallery has so many features that hands on experimenting would do a lot good than talking about it. If you have never used this, you may never know that managing and organizing photos would be this easy.

Organize and manage your memory effectively

F-Stop Gallery Android App has a material design inspired interface that is easy, simple and customizable. Once you launch the app and the first thing you notice is the two column of folders containing images. The content can be sorted by name, date modified and the no of media files present in the folder. Tap the grid icon on the action bar to change the view. You have options like grid, list, enhanced list and large thumbnails. Hidden folders can be unearthed using the overflow menu.

Copy and move images one folder to another folder or create new folder. All this can be done without leaving the app. These folders and the pictures can be organized using tags, location, ratings and favorite. On these parameters, you can instantly search through all the folders and the result will be presented based on file name and other metadata. Save the tags and ratings in XMP format and read metadata directly from your images. Bookmark feature can access your images through tags, folders or album. Smart albums updates automatically as your library grow. Easily play gifs and use slideshow mode to add popular transition types.


F-Stop Gallery for Android is one of the best photo management apps that is functionality great. If you are not a great fan of Google Photos, you can certainly try and use F-Stop Gallery. The app is free to download with limited features. With purchase of pro version, you can unlock many features.

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