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Android phones have really come a long way in terms of the look and feel of the software. However, there are a number of users who still wish if their phone was a bit more unique. If you have that same wish, then one of the best apps that you can have is the Evie Launcher for Android. This one app has the power to transform your phone into something remarkably different.

Make Your Phone Look and Feel Different

Evie Launcher is one of the best Android launchers on the Google Play Store right now. Some of the highly regarded publications have said that and we whole-heartedly second that. One of the most important things that you would like is the level of customization that the app offers. You can customize the theme, the wallpapers, the app icons and the icons size as well. There are hundreds of combinations to try out. So, not only can you personalize your home screen, you can also get a fresh new look every other day. Evie Launcher also makes life quite easier for you as you get features like quick navigation, easy search and the likes. The search is quite fast and even if you don’t want to use it, you can always drag down the screen and get access to your icons. You can also create custom short cuts with just a few taps.

App Highlights

Instant Lock Feature
Quick Search
Choose Your Own Search Engine
Timed Lock
Android O Notification Support
App Drawer


We have tried out a number of android launchers in the past, but Evie Launcher outshines them in certain aspects. For example, the level of customization of this app is really high. That is something that we have not seen elsewhere. Also, it is very easy to customize as well. All it needs is just a few taps. The app also makes finding the installed apps quite easy. No matter how many apps you have installed on your device, it would find the one you are looking for in a jiffy. So, get Evie Launcher for your phone and make your phone truly unique.

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