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nwsty – Headlines & Daily Breaking News Summaries for Android is for those who don’t normally read the news in detail. Such people tend to skim the headlines for news without preferring to go into the details. Nwsty for Android provides a summary of the day’s biggest stories for user consumption. You may download nwsty app for free of cost from Google Play Store.

Summary of Major News Stories

nwsty – Headlines & Daily Breaking News Summaries for Android brings you the benefits of great journalism and cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques to provide you headlines and news summaries of 6-10 most important current news from its news digest. nwsty shows you that less is more, keeping you updated with the most important daily news stories covering both US and global news including current news events, international news, politics, world news, entertainment, sports, science and more with concise straight to the point news headlines and breaking news summaries. The biggest plus with nwsty for Android is that it gets to the point without too much narrative. The news also runs from Monday till Friday so that you’ll be covered all days of the week.

The downside of nwsty app that you only get to read the most important six to ten news stories across topics. The news are picked by the app’s AI technology’s news digest. So you don’t have an option to choose what news you wish to read. The app also let you share current news stories and interesting breaking news and global headlines instantly with your friends and family. Nwsty for Android got a user friendly interface that makes reading the snippet easier. We found the app to be pretty slick and responsive. There weren’t any lag either. The app requires Android OS 4.1+.

Final Take

nwsty – Headlines & Daily Breaking News Summaries for Android is a useful tool to people who doesn’t have the patience or time to read daily news in detail. The summary is well written and is presented in an easy to read format. The UI is clutter free as well. Sharing option comes handy. It is also stable. The app also comes with no in-app purchases. Check it out if you’re one of those people who liked to be served relevant news in the shortest format.

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