Notarize Android App Review

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Notarize for Android is a rather unique app that let you notarize paperwork over your mobile device. You got to upload the digital documents, which are then notarized by a legal notary via video chat. You can also scan documents and upload them for notarization. The app may be downloaded for free.

Notarize through Mobile Phone

Notarize app for Android is operational 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The average wait time is less than one minute. As a user, you just got to upload a document, prove your identity, fill out your document, and connect with a licensed Virginia electronic notary by live video call. Sign before the agent who will then legally notarize your document. When done with notarization, you can share your document by email, save to dropbox, or print and submit manually. If your document is in paper form, Notarize app for Android offers the ability to scan your document directly within the app. Notarize agents are held to the highest standards and have completed training, undergone background checks, and independently hold insurance in accordance with notary industry best practices. All notarizing agents are licensed electronic notaries located in Virginia. It should also be noted that notarization comes with a fee.

What you may not like

On the flip side, non US citizens can’t use the services of Notarize for Android. That is, foreign citizens who need to Notarize U.S. documents cannot use Notarize to get their job done. Digital notarization is not available in all the states in the country. This service is based on Virginia Senate Bill 827 and House Bill 2318, which were passed in 2011 and allow for remote electronic notarization. The UI layout of Notarize app for Android is thoughtfully designed for seamless processing. Scanning an ID or uploading a document is a cake walk. You can also see the notary face-to-face. Performance wise, the app is secure, slick and responsive. It requires Android OS versions 4.4 and up.

Notarized Paperwork through Smartphone

Notarize app for Android allows you to notarized paperwork over your mobile phone securely. You need to social security number to sign in to the app, which makes it useful only to US citizens or residents. The entire notarizing process is seamless and quick. Sharing options come handy. Its user interface layout is easy to navigate. It is also stable. Check it out if you are in the lookout for a similar application.

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