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WEYV app for Android is a social app that provides a cool way to interactively experience music, magazines, and videos with your friends. You may download WEYV free of cost from Google Play Store.


WEYV app for Android aims to bring a seemingly unlimited amount of media to users for a reasonable price. Not only does this include songs, but it also includes tons of current magazines that can be read from the comfort of your phone. This is unlike Youtube, Spotify or Pandora. The app is unique in that it features an unconventional way for users to take in content. For example, you’ll start with 15 “units” when you sign up for an account. If you listen to a song, ten unit are removed from your account. When you stop listening, the units are deposited back into your account. Also, you don’t get “double dinged” by listening to a song while reading a magazine. That is, only the most “expensive” activity is charged, and you will get the lower cost one for free.

While WEYV for Android is primarily a media app, it does offer the option for friends to connect with each other and see what they’re listening to or reading. It provides a great opportunity to share music and magazines with friends and potentially initiate like-minded conversations. Further, apart from a full music player, the app offers options such as offline listening and custom playlists. This is some feature that you’ll only see in high-end music players. If to cite a drawback, WEYV for Android does not support videos just yet. It appears that said option is under development, and soon will be available in WEYV. The UI layout is user friendly and easy to navigate. It is also slick and responsive. WEYV app requires Android OS 4.4+.

Final Take

WEYV for Android can be used for free for a 14 day trial period. While some people might find subscription a turn off, it is only logical to accept that you got to pay something to receive current music and magazine issues. But we feel that two weeks trial period is more than enough to explore its features and see if it is right for you. In terms of usability, it got some cool features including offline listening. Support for videos in the near future will take it to a new level altogether. We found the app to be pretty stable as well. Check it out if you are open to testing out apps with new concepts.

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