FamilyInSafe Family Locator iPhone App Review

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FamilyInSafe for iPhone is a family locator, grocery list and private chat, all rolled into one. It let you contact, locate, and even collaborate with family members in a central hub. You can download FamilyInSafe: family locator, chat and task list app for free from iTunes App Store.

Your One Stop Family Hub

Once you download and install FamilyInSafe app for iPhone, you got to create a user account, invite your close ones to the family hub, and wait until others also join in. The family hub is a private community that is automatically created. Family locator allows you to find out where are your loved ones now and what places did they visit during the day. It’s like advances GPS family tracker. You just got to check the family map and you’ll know their current location, routes and battery status. As the app uses smart location tracking technology which is accurate and battery-friendly, you don’t have to worry about losing battery charge as it runs in the background.

Using family locator, you can create up to 20 geo fences – such as one each for work, school, gym, home etc – so that you’ll be instantly notified if your close ones enter or leave any of those geo fences. The family hub is an excellent place to share photos/videos and comment on others uploads. That is, you can write a short comment, attach few photos, pick a location and share it on the family map. Your hub mates will receive notification and check how awesome the place you’ve shared. The app also features a private messenger. You can share text messages, stickers, GIFs or even nudge your close ones. For unlimited hubs, you got to upgrade to premium version for $12.99. The UI of FamilyInSafe for iPhone is well designed and easy to use. Task creation is a cake walk. The app is also reasonably secure. FamilyInSafe app requires iOS versions 9.3 or higher.

Final Thoughts

FamilyInSafe iPhone app helps you keep tab of the location of your family members. It comes handy when you’re on a family trip to a new place. The ability to chat with family members in a central hub is its USP. You can also create lists and collaborate with others so that multiple trips to the shop can be avoided. The UI layout is largely user friendly. We found the app to be stable and responsive as well. Overall, a useful app that lets you keep track of your family’s whereabouts easily.

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