Mevo Weight Loss Fitness Android App Review

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You will find Mevo – Weight Loss & Fitness for iPhone more than handy in your efforts to lose your extra pounds and stay fit. It will help you to keep on track in your workout initiatives and eventually reach your goal. You can download Mevo – Weight Loss and Fitness app free of cost from Google Play Store.

Track Your Physical Activities & Diet Effectively

Mevo – Weight Loss & Fitness for Android let you keep track of your daily physical activities and diet. It also assists in monitoring muscle building process and weight loss. Once you decide on your goals, whether it is losing weight with proper diet and exercise, or maintaining current weight by monitoring eating, workouts, and training sessions, the app will provide the necessary guidance. If you intend to build muscle mass by workout tracking and nutrition intake, the app will provide the necessary guidance. Of course, not every plan works for everyone. So you got to customize your individual goal plans by indicating your gender, age, weight, height, lifestyle, and weekly targets. The app also got options to sync your fitness data (from Google Fit for example) and fitness trackers to help you reach your goals.

Upon logging into your account, you can view your dashboard, credits wallet, and the option to redeem your credits in the in-app merchandise shop. Users will earn credits through daily logins, taking health quizzes, inputting in meals and water consumption, and participating in challenges. You can find the Mevo community details at the bottom of the screen. Further, under the Me” tab, you can track your weekly, monthly, and yearly progress concerning physical activities, eating and drinking habits, and calorie intake. Other features such as quizzes and tips can be accessed by clicking on the ‘More’ tab. The plus sign symbol on the bottom center of the app screen let you to view your food tracker, healthy recipes, exercise log, meal options, workout plans, and fitness challenges. Mevo for Android requires Android OS versions 4.0.3 or higher.


Mevo – Weight Loss & Fitness Android app is ideal for anyone who is looking to lose weight or simple stay fit. It let you set rules and routines, and provides the much needed motivation to stick to the plans. The biggest USP is that you can customize your individual goal plans to suit your needs rather than following any general tips or routines. The UI layout is largely user friendly. We found the app to be stable as well. Check it out if you’re scouting for a tool that will assist you in your efforts to lose body weight.

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