Savelings Android Game App Review

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Savelings for Android is a cool location-based, augmented reality game that offers an exciting twist on Pokemon GO. That is, instead of catching imaginary Pokemons, players catch Savelings who can reward them with real life cash, discounts and prizes. The game can be downloaded for free.

The Game

Savelings for Android features a unique way to navigate a virtual world that is synced with the real world. The game uses your location to find little Savelings characters around you that you can collect. The more characters you manage to collect, the more the rewards you earn. These rewards range from simple coupon discounts to cash prizes. In order to navigate around the map, you got to actually move around in real life and once an egg is in your character’s circle, you can quickly capture it and earn your reward. It should be noted that Savelings game requires players to be in area with reliable WiFi or internet connection, and in a populated enough area. We found the there are no Savelings characters in some rural or backcountry areas, which makes us think that the game populates their maps is based on the number of mobile phone users in an area.

Savelings game for Android looks great with its smooth graphics and world map. The start up animation that plays when you first open the app looks nice. The colors are pleasing to view and well-drawn while the 3D characters are perfectly rendered. The layout design is easy to navigate and guide your character around. The pop up icons are easy to comprehend as well. Overall, you can’t miss the fact that Savelings for Android is similar in its display to Pokemon GO. Strangely, while logging in, you can’t view the terms and conditions even though you got tick the checkbox. Savelings app requires Android OS versions 4.0.3 or higher.


Savelings game for Android is a Pokemon GO clone wherein you got to catch Savelings who can reward them with real life cash, discounts and prizes. The game works well in populated areas only. The graphics and game play is impressive. The layout is largely user friendly as well. Having to agree to the terms and conditions without being able to view them is rather perplexing. We found the app to be stable as well. To sum it up, a perfect app for those who like to both get active and save money.

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