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Feeleat Android App helps you understand the kind of diet you need to follow. The app lets you understand the eating behavior you have and helps you reconcile a healthy relationship with food. Food is your initial medicine and it also determines what you are. Having a healthy diet that you can follow goes a long way in keeping your body healthy and away from illnesses. A good balanced diet that sees you through all your disorders will help save a lot of money in terms of treatment and medication. It is a nice emotional feel when you are able to find things that you can eat.

Eat Healthy And Stay Fit With Feeleat

Feeleat for Android is a simple to use, interactive app that helps you improve your relationship with food. The app takes into account the kind of eating disorders that you have, it could be, orthorexia, hyperphagia, or bulimia. You may have digestive disorder like sibo, irritable bowel syndrome, or food allergies. The app helps you identify all of this and directs you in the right path in order to eat healthy. You can log your daily food intake in the smart food diary.

The Feeleat App for Android let you link these to your bodily reactions. In a while you will be able to understand the right food that promotes your health. You can personalize your dairy and write what happens between meals. Set long term goals and understand the progress through colorful reports. Easily identify activities and meals that suits your emotion and sensation. The app lets you share your findings. It has examples of recipes and balanced meals.


Feeleat Android App is a smart app that helps you eat healthy. The app not just helps you find out what you need to eat but also inspires you to follow a balanced diet you charted. The app encourages you with quotes and motivational phrases. Join the community and the social network, read the blogs and participate in discussions. Discover testimonials, tips, articles written by doctors, nutritionists and food enthusiasts. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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