File Manager Pro App for BlackBerry Review

| November 6, 2010

Now it is easy to manage files on your BlackBerry with advanced File Manager Pro app.

File Manager Pro is an advanced file and zip archive manager designed specially for BlackBerry users. Using this powerful app you can deal with your files more easily and quickly. File Manager Pro offers many advanced features such as select multiple files and folders, sorting files, search for files and folders, integrated text editor, modify file attributes and support all standard file operations.

The app is integrated with intuitive user interface to make your operations fast and simple. Powerful Features to Manage Your Files Opening and browsing folders with lots of files can make your BlackBerry device slow and unresponsive. With File Manager Pro app, you can easily manage all the files and folders in your BlackBerry phone. The app lets you to navigate, move and find files and zip archives on your phone. It is easy to extract or unzip compressed files received via email as well as create and edit text files. You can extract files quickly and view and edit those files using on-device office applications.

Using File Manager Pro BlackBerry app you can compress and send files attachments from your smartphone. The app helps you to compress large office documents and PDFs or group of files. You just have to select the item to shrink and choose the option Compress from the Menu option. You can compress one or more files into zip archive and send files easily via email. By compressing files or folders you can save on memory on phone or memory card.

BlackBerry File Manager Pro mobile application lets you to mark files as Favorites for easy access. From the list of files and folders, you can add them to Favorite section. You can also view files as thumbnails (small/medium/large) as well as sort files by type, name, size and date created. There is also option to modify file attributes such as assign read-only or hidden. The integrated text editor function makes your file editing and viewing easy with features such as multiple zoom levels, find and replace, spell checking, text selection and so on.

Conclusion With sophisticated features and performance optimizations, File Manager Pro is a complete file management app for your BlackBerry device. The zipping and extracting of files and folders, and sorting functions make your mobile office more efficient. The File Manger Pro app supports BlackBerry devices with OS 4.2.1 or higher versionsĀ . The appsĀ is avalible for

US$4.99 USD

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