Freeletics Bodyweight Android App Review

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Freeletics Bodyweight for Android is a suite of fitness application that gives you personalised workout plans and nutritional advices. It offers four different applications for bodyweight, gym, running and nutrition training. Bodyweight lets you work out anywhere and anytime. It is one of the most effective fitness training programs suited to your fitness level and goals. Using social feed, you will get the support of 20 million users for each of the workout.

Get fit and healthy with the best coach

Freeletics Bodyweight Android app follows the principle of High Intensity Interval Workout. The HIIT principle creates workout session anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes that cater to a particular fitness level. This kind of workout plan perfectly fits the people of today who are quite busy and cannot keep up with a perfect plan. The exercises are aimed at losing weight, build muscle at just get in shape. There are more than 900 workout variations that cover all your muscles for better results. All the workouts use your body as a tool so you can exercise anywhere, anytime without the help of any equipment. Workouts are there for beginners’ level to advanced athletes. You can view the state of the art videos to understand the workouts perfectly and execute it.

Freeletics Bodyweight Android App Review

Freeletics Bodyweight app can be 100% personalised if you can purchase the coach. As you install and open the app, you will have to access your fitness level. Next, you need to choose if you want to lose weight, build muscle or get in shape. You will have to choose how many times in a week you can perform these workouts. Based on these criteria, a personalised workout plan is devised. The app is free to download with subscription available for different services.


Freeletics Bodyweight for Android a holistic exercise program that gives you better results; though it may vary from person to person. The app being the single source to keep track of your fitness need helps you stay focussed. You can get a personal digital trainer called The Coach and a 100% personalised training plan with a subscription. Also, with one subscription you will get access to all the training apps, Bodyweight, Running, and Gym.

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