Symantec VIP Access Android App Review

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Symantec VIP Access for Android is an authentication tool that protects your online accounts and transactions. Developed by Symantec, the pioneers in the security business, uses strong authentication process when you login to a VIP enabled accounts. VIP Access can be used in any social networking site, both for business as well as personal, this includes, eBay, PayPal, etrade, Facebook, Google and hundred other sites. It is a great way to setup multiple tokens for the same user.

Validation and Protection with VIP Access

Symantec VIP Access for Android provides a strong two way authentication when you login to VIP enabled your account. Websites authentication can be made stronger with a QR Codes. A one time security code can be generated and this can be used along with user name and password. Authentication can be in the form of patterns, pin, password or finger print. If you require an additional device, you will be promoted for additional local authentication. To use finger print authentication, you need to register the fingerprint on the device, which should be fingerprint capable. Generate a security code every 30 seconds by scanning a QR code so users can log in.

VIP Access Android App Review

Authentication method selected by you also depends on the successful implementation in the most networking site. Whenever the app is removed or reinstalled, the credential ID will also change and to activate that you will have call the helpdesk. The app can also be managed from the web and other browser based interface which is easy to connect. You can securely decrypt and display important files for specific authorized users.


Symantec VIP Access for Android offers great ease of use and allows up to 5 devices per use. It provides us with a backup temporary security code. In minutes, you can see reports on logins and change credentials. Adding new users is as simple like and breeze. Just tap the Add new user button. The user needs to have a valid credential like, VIP account, SMS number or a call number. The app is free to download with no ads or in-app purchases.

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