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gweek app for Android helps you empower as a communicator. The app helps you improve your communication skills to help you succeed in work, love and ultimately life. The way you speak forms an important factor in your personality and sharpening that helps you gain more confidence in any situations in life. Whether it is for a job interview, conversation, presentation or a sale, how you communicate is how the entire thing will work out for you. gweek app is free to download with in app purchases and ads.

Be a great communicator, be successful

gweek for Android is one excellent tool for those who would love to master communication. The app helps you how to express at any situation anywhere anyone. It is your personal speech couch as it scores every speech and let’s you know where you stand. You just need to upload a 60 seconds of your free flow audio or audio visual clippings. The app tracks speech coordination, substance and emotional balance in the speech to give it a rating. The rating is determining the gweek of your speech.

gweek Android app lets you maintain your authenticity as you practice based on the feedback received from the app. As you improve, your gweek score will improve and as you keep improving you will get qualified for the global speech index. A high gweek score makes you a speaker who can express effectively and consistently. You will be valued as a speaker who can maintain the real you and can also present what you have in mind. It is one off evaluation that is self paced. The scores can be used as a benchmark for job interviews and career appraisals. You can track your progress with a detailed score analysis, feedback and reports. The app requires Android 5.0 and up.


gweek app for Android makes you speech intelligent and an effective communicator that gains you more listeners. With real time analytics and self paced learning helps students and professionals alike. You can learn confined in your private space and at your own pace. Aims at empowering life and is perfect for all cultures, personalities and is also available in most of the languages.

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