Bandcamp Android App Review

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Bandcamp for Android is a music player with a difference. It has a set of catalog of music by various artists and the users can purchase unlimited number of collections and can also stream them. Explore the vast collection from all corners of the globe; there is something for everybody from different genres of music. Apart from albums, they have radio shows and the Bandcamp weekly. The app gives you instant access and unlimited streaming.

Listen to unlimited, uninterrupted, soulful music

Bandcamp for android has minimalistic design with few controls that makes it easier for the users to handle the app. It is a revolutionary app that helps independent music realizes their potential. Utilizing your fan base and tagging the site helps your music to be discovered and shared easily. Friends’ recommendations, feedback and any other metadata will widen the reach of your music. You can search using the tags to find your pick. When you have narrowed in the song, you can either stream the song directly or download it for a price. You can download it in wide range of format. There are options for lossless format to simple mp3.

Bandcamp Android app lets you decide how much of the audio you want to cache. This helps you to listen that particular portion offline. Apart from listening to music, you can use the app to stream podcast or find music that has high recommendations. You can easily find what other people are listening and stream or download it. Bandcamp when viewed through the mobile browser will allow you to utilize its complete list of services. The streams will keep playing even when you switch to other apps from the website. The app is free to download from Google Play.


Bandcamp for Android does a great job in playing all the music you have purchased from the app. It is one of the premiere services for independent music creators to sell their music online. The songs are also available offline so you can listen to them without an internet connection. Though it requires a browser for a complete Bandcamp experience, it still works fine in any device.

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