Yoga Poses & Classes Android App Review

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Yoga Poses & Classes for Android is one amongst the best yoga apps for beginners and professionals alike. The poses are quite simple and easy to follow. The app has features that customize user experience. With a variety of video classes and a library of posts, this is one go to app for yoga when you want to practice it on your own at home. People who come with strong yoga background swear by the app and also have given solid inputs to develop the app.

Plan your workout, meticulously and regularly

Yoga Poses & Classes Android app has over 100 poses that are created to achieve specific goals. The collection of workout is designed by certified yoga experts. These are curated into twenty plus yoga classes each unique and caters to a specific area of interest. You have sessions that boost your performance, increase flexibility, relieve stress, make you focus on positive energy. There also sessions that help you balance your body and increase focus and concentration. Balance, strength and flexibility are the main focus of all classes.

Yoga Poses & Classes app lets you fit yoga into your daily routine with classes that offer quick yoga classes. Morning yoga practices will keep you energized throughout the day. All poses concentrate on toning your muscles, and get your spine move in all direction. There are yoga classes that target specific group like runners. The classes offer a combination of workouts that enforces balance, flexibility, strength and mindfulness. The app also offers to give advice on what to eat to burn the extra fat. Discover all the food and recipes and prepare tasty meals to improve your metabolism.


Yoga Poses & Classes for Android let you be in the best shape ever. You get into regular practice with this app and you will be surprised at the changes in your health and body. It boosts your energy and improves your flexibility. The app is free to download with in-app purchases and ads. The free version has only limited poses. To avail all the workouts, you need to get a monthly subscription for a minimal payment.

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