HabitMinder iPhone Habit Tracker App Review

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HabitMinder for iPhone is a habit tracker & motivator application which helps its users to form new habits. New Year is that time of the year when people resolve to ditch bad habits and cultivate good ones. Most of the times we fail to keep up with our resolutions and we lose a chance to form habits that help us be a better person. With HabitMinder, you are sure to achieve these goals with ease, gradually. Habits you want to form could be anything from drinking more water, practice yoga or meditation, eating on time or regular exercises or even household chores.

Get your new resolution fulfilled through HabitMinder

HabitMinder iPhone app offers about 50 habits that is spread across five categories. The categories are Body, Mind, Healthy Habits, Appreciate and Commit. With several connections to other health apps and measurement tools, the app provides great means to track and motivate good habits to formation. The app provides custom prompts to help you track. Each habit will have a dedicated screen in the app. You can select from the various built in habits or create you own habit. Personalise the screen by selecting the right colours and icons.

HabitMinder iPhone Habit Tracker App Review

Set reminders so you will not forget about your new goal. New habits can be anything from walking, stay hydrated, deep breaths to relieve stress, stretching, to stand, squats, Healthy eating, and to get more sleep. The clean interface and plenty of editing options help to personalise every habit. HabitMinder app makes it easier to form new that are healthy and make you a better person. The app success or failure depends on how you use it as it is quite easy to ignore its notifications.

Good Habit Tracker & Motivator

HabitMinder for iPhone is one great New Year resolution aid which is well designed to cater to a wide range of good habits. Though it looks like a glorified reminder app, the features it offers in terms of cultivating good habits is plenty. The tie up with Apple Health adds up to its vast list of selection and earns itself a brownie point. The limited version is free to download and premium and unlimited subscriptions are available through in-app purchases.

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