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Though the general quality of gaming has increased manifold, there are times one misses the arcade style PC games of the 90’s. Horizon Chase: World Tour app for android is a tribute to classic games like Rush, Top Gear, Out Run, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Road Rash, Jaguar XJ220, among others. The game from Aquiris Game Studio S.A has won numerous awards like Metacritic 88, Pocket Gamer Gold Award, Best Brazilian Game Award etc.

How it works

The races take place at exotic locations all around the world. You race in extraordinary places through rain, snow, sandstorms and even volcanoes. Each new cup has day races and night races. The graphics of the Horizon Chase android game is evocative of the 16-bit generation, but very contemporary in styling. The arcade-style racing game features all the moves that remind you of racing games from the 90’s – when you hit a side wall, the car spins, you can rear-end cars at the risk of losing speed. The player needs to keep an eye on the fuel and manage the number of turbo boosts per race. In each race, you collect tokens that unlock higher levels. You control your car with left and right steering buttons, accelerator, and the nitro boost button. If you need to brake the car, let off on the accelerator.

The Horizon Chase – World Tour Android App game offers 8 different cups with 9 races each – a total of 72 unique races. Each cup is held in a different country, and each country has 3 major cities hosting 3 races each. As you progress in the game, you get to unlock up to 16 different cars. How much you score per race is determined by different factors: what position you place in the race, the number of coins you collect during the race and the fuel you are left with at the end of the race. Drivers who calculate this end up having perfect races. The soundtrack of Horizon Chase is by Barry Leitch, the same musician who worked on the soundtracks of several classic arcade racing games including Lotus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear and Rush. The soundtrack adds to the ambience of the game.


Even though this is a paid game, you have the option to try to free before you buy it. This “Android Excellence Game of 2017” is definitely worth it.

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