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If you are tired of playing fantasy games involving out of the world characters and situations, here is a welcome change. Rebel Inc. from Ndemic creations is a unique simulation game that mirrors real world scenarios. It is a political and military strategy simulation game that is deeply engaging. According to the developers of the game, it is through extensive research and discussion with media personnel, government policy makers, politicians, business people, international charities and other subject matter experts that the game has been created. The game while dealing with real world issues, deals with them sensitively.

How it works

The war is over, but the insurgents are still trying to destabilize the country and usurp power. As a player, you need to prioritize both military and civilian imperatives, help your people and defeat the rebels. It is all about rebuilding a nation after a severe international conflict. There are five regions and six individual governors with differing abilities. The Rebel Inc Android Simulation Game is brilliantly detailed and the narrative path is influenced by the decisions you take. On one level, you take civilian initiatives like improving healthcare and water supplies to bring stability in the region. When you give the order, subordinates make sure that the initiatives are rolled out throughout the region. The cost of these initiatives factors in the actual cost in dollars along with the inflation, and rising corruption.

The other level intricately connected with the first, deals with the military tactics. Here you move your troops around the map effectively to defeat the insurgents. Once the insurgents are defeated in one area, they move to another area. The idea is not let insurgents take control of any area for too long, because then that will drain your reputation and resources. You need to corner the insurgent groups to the point of no escape to actually eliminate them. The tricky part is to do that without antagonizing the local people. Core of the game revolves around balancing finances, inflation, corruption, reputation, and rebel activity.


Rebel Inc simulation game app for android is a fascinating game with complex decision making involved, yet one that is easy to pick up, Rebel Inc. rates high. The game is a realistic portrayal of the complexities in rebuilding a war-torn country and the compromises that are made. A definite yes for serious gamers, the game has been installed more than 1 million times and is rated for ages 7+. Available free on Google Play Store.

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