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Many of us wish we had fewer emails to stay on top of, yet we end up checking for new messages constantly on our smart devices. We have to wade through tons of irrelevant email messages to get to what is really important and actionable. Spark from Readdle is an email app that is designed to put an end to your email woes. The spark email android app promises to make you ‘love your email again’. It does that by providing intelligent features like smart inbox, signature management and a snooze function.

How it works

Spark: Email App for android intelligently sorts your incoming mails into the following categories: personal, newsletter, and notification. This enables you to reply to important ones and delete or archive the rest. There is an option to pin important emails to the top of your inbox with just a swipe. The smart email app has a feature that allows you to swipe emails to snooze them. You can choose to shelve the snoozed emails till a particular date. Till then these emails won’t be visible in your inbox. If you have snoozed the wrong email, there is an option to undo it. You can even set up Spark to notify you about only emails from people you know. You can even do natural-language searches (for eg. attachment from Mark yesterday) in Spark and it will respond accurately. There is option to save email attachments directly to the cloud. It works with Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Box and iCloud Drive. Also attach cloud-based files to your emails.

Another important feature is the option to add multiple email accounts to Spark: Gmail, Outlook, MSN, Yahoo, Exchange, iCloud, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, among others. Spark works perfectly for teams. There are features that let you co-create, discuss, and share emails with your colleagues. It allows you to invite your colleagues to create emails together in real time. Then you can use private chat to talk to individual team members to give feedback about the email. Spark offers options to create secure links to a specific email or conversation and share it on Skype, CRM etc. so your team can access it and collaborate.


Spark email app that is fast, secure and it allows easy collaboration. Very intuitive to use and has been installed more 100,000 times and is definitely a must-have for your smart device.

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