Clockify Time Tracker Productivity Android App Review

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There are times when your team works on multiple projects, sometimes in a single day. In situations like these, it is difficult to keep a track of time spent on each project just from your memory. That is precisely why a time tracker / timesheet app will be of immense help. A good time tracker app will help you to assess where you or your team is spending time and more importantly how productive you are. It will also help you to improve your time management. Clockify from Coing inc. is a 100% free time tracker / timesheet app that tracks the time you and your team spends on projects and analyzes your productivity.

How it works

Time tracking on this app is extremely simple, all you need to do tap on the timer to start the clock and tap to stop. You can even manually add the logged time later. Clockify Time Tracker can be used across devices – on the web, mobile and desktop. Since your data is synced in real time this enables you to seamlessly switch between devices. You have the option to set a default project (fixed project or the most recent one). Every time you start a new timer, the default project will be automatically selected. The Clockify app even offers an offline mode. If you are logged in to the app, but don’t have internet connection, you can still track time.

The time logged will be automatically synced when you get back online. You can use the app to export reports. When you need to assess team productivity, calculate profitability, payroll, and work out what you need to invoice to the client, the web version offers you the option to export full reports in PDF, Excel and CSV. The web version of Clockify Time Tracker Productivity app has the option to invite team members, create projects and set project estimates. You can also compare estimated vs tracked to assess efficiency and make improvements.


Clockify Time Tracker Productivity App for Android is the only time tracker / timesheet app that is 100% free. There are absolutely no extra charges for projects, users or reports. Very intuitive to use with simple interface, the Clockify app has been installed more than 10000 times since launch. It is certainly a very useful app to have especially if you are remotely managing a team.

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