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A lot of pre-teen children try to cheat the age limit and sneak into Facebook and other social media platforms. They are tempted by the chance to watch funny videos, play online games and chat online. But this can be a dangerous thing because social networks like Facebook are often filled with adult content. There is a real risk of cyber bullying and child predators. To counter this, many apps have been created that enable children (with parental consent) to join social network platforms without the risks. These apps are built with safety in mind and age-appropriate fun. They have all the features of traditional social communities (friending, chat, photos, profiles, comments, etc.) plus features like games, contests, art projects, virtual gifts and more. And these child-friendly social networks are monitored and include parental oversight to make sure everyone is safe. Messenger Kids video chat android app from Facebook is one of the more popular apps in this category.

How it works

Messenger Kids: Safe Messaging Video Chat for Android is a social networking messaging app created for children under age 13. Parents can now download the app on their child’s phone or tablet and can create a profile for them. Children can then message using this app, add filters, doodle on photos they share with each other. There is video chat facility available, but parents will have to approve with whom the child can video chat.

It provides a very child-safe and controlled environment. A child’s profile can only be created after adults enter their Facebook account information into the app. Parents need to approve which friends can chat with their child and also which relatives the child can connect with. Parents also need to approve every additional friend request. Only a parent with a Facebook account can set up the app for his or her child. The special proactive detection safety filters prevent the child from sharing nudity, sexual content or violence. A dedicated support team will respond quickly to reported or flagged content.


Messenger Kids: Safe Messaging Video Chat for Android is a safe alternative for children and more importantly, it discourages them from getting new Facebook accounts themselves. It is also a useful teaching tool, helping kids learn about appropriate social network etiquette, safe sharing practices and online citizenship. Facebook spent months talking to parenting groups and child behavioral experts to gather insights to develop this app. Definitely, a safe app for children.

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