Hydro Coach Drink Water Reminder Android App Review

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Almost 75% of your body is made up of water. Since all of that is needed to keep you healthy and functioning on a daily basis, it is critical that your body is well hydrated at all times. Many people neglect to consume the required amount of fluids each day, resulting in health problems. Hydro Coach Drink Water Reminder & Water Tracker for Android is a health and fitness application which calculates how much water you need, tracks what you drink, and keeps reminding when it is time to drink again. Hydro Coach app can sync your water intake stats with Fitbit, Samsung Health and Google Fit.

How Water Tracker works

The user enters age, weight, lifestyle and weather to define a custom target or calculate a personalized one. The drink target for the day is specified in the interface and the user can regularly track this. The user adds a cup in the app every time he or she drinks a cup of water. The app will automatically send reminder to drink another cup of water after a set interval of time. The number of times the user needs to drink water in a day can be customized and at the appropriate intervals, the reminders will be sent to their smart phones/devices.

Hydro Coach Drink Water Reminder Android App Review

Hydro Coach Android app can be used with predefined volumes or you can choose from different vessel types. You can customize your drink by naming it, coloring it and sizing it the way you want it to be – right from simple orange juice to fancy fruit smoothies. A thoughtfully designed dashboard gives you powerful and detailed insights. You can monitor your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics of water intake. Also get details of the most used drinks, rankings and other useful data that ensures that your body remains hydrated and you remain healthy.

Free Water Drink Reminder App

Hydro Coach Drink Water Reminder for Android from Codium App Ideas is available in Google Play Store. A must-have for busy people who are health and fitness conscious, this app is being used by 2 Million+ people worldwide. This much awarded app has been described in the media as the “Best Water Drink Reminder”, “Most powerful & self-improvement Water Reminder” and “Extremely effective Water Tracker app”. Try it for yourself and stay healthy.

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