Speedtest by Ookla Android App Review

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The advent of mobile internet, the way we surf the internet has changed significantly. There was a time when we only had GPRS on our phone which was only good for text and images. Now, we can surf the internet on your smartphones at blazing fast 4G speeds! However, unlike broadband, speed sometimes becomes an issue with mobile internet. There are some places where you would get true 4G speeds. Whereas in other places, the speed of the network can be as slow as the one you got in your EDGE networks in the old days. Therefore, it seems to be of help if you had a tool to test the speed of the connection accurately. If you have an Android phone, then one of the best apps that you have is Speedtest by Ookla

Knowing Your Internet Speed with Speedtest

Speedtest by Ookla, or simply Speedtest, is perhaps one of the most widely known apps for testing the speeds of LTE networks. Now, you might ask why you need to check the speed of the internet. Well, let us take an example. Suppose, you received an important presentation on your mail and you need to download it urgently. Now, if you are looking to download it on your phone, then you would strong internet connection. If that is not available, then you might want to go to place where you have a stronger connection. This is where you need to check the internet speed instantly. Speedtest solves this issue pretty effectively. It is really easy to test the internet speed through this app. You can get the current speed for download, upload and ping. Not only does it do that, but it also helps you to see how your connection graph which shows the speed and its consistency over a period of time. You can also get a map of the nearby places which show the areas where the strength of the networks is more than other areas.

Speedtest by Ookla Android App Review


You can test the speed with a single connection or with multiple connections
Verify the speed and coverage which your carrier has promised
Check your internet speed with just one tap


Speedtest by Ookla Android app is one of the most trusted applications for network connection. You can get the results within the seconds and you can be assured that the results are genuine. So, install the app and be confident about your mobile internet.

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