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Learning to code is probably the most sought after skill in the modern day IT industry. The best thing about coding is that anyone can do it. Learning to code in different computer languages doesn’t require any special skill or knowledge but it sure does require that you learn and practice. This has become easier now with Py. Py – Learn to Code is an iPhone app that helps you to learn not one but many languages. So, how does the app work and more importantly, is it any good? In the following post, we would take a closer look at the app and see how you can use it to learn computer coding.

Learn to code on the go

Perhaps the biggest thing about Py – Learn to Code for iPhone is that you can learn not one but many languages with Py. Py allows you to learn Python, Swift, iOS Development, Data Science, HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, Command Line and Java. You have amazing content that are structured into courses, which help you learn about the topics in an effective way. Once you are doing reading, you can try solving the exercise problems, which would tell you how much you have actually learned. If your progress is unsatisfactory, you can always go back and start reading again. This is another advantage of the app – it helps you to learn at your own pace. You also get an emulator, where you can try out different codes and see how they work. You can try out a code that you have learned or try out something on your own.

Py Learn to Code iPhone App Review

Py – Learn to Code iPhone app is also incredibly personalized. This means that it detects your weak points and curates special content and exercises that help you to learn better. This is one feature that you don’t get easily on other apps that help you learn. This unique combination of features makes it one of the best apps for learning to code.


You can learn multiple languages at the same time
It has a personalized approach to learning
You can track your progress. You can learn programming by keeping yourself motivated
The emulator works perfectly when testing codes


Py – Learn to Code for iPhone is perfect for absolute beginners, who are looking to develop a strong foundation in programming and development. The app is really simple to use and you can use it anytime, anywhere. Download the app today and learn the valuable skill of computer programming.

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