iTranslate Converse iPhone App Review

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iTranslate Converse for iPhone is a revolutionary speech translation tool that turns your device into a translation device. The app allows translation between 38 different languages. This helps you get transcripts in the desired language and what you really need to do is speak directly into the phone in a language you know and which is also available with the app. It is the most intuitive translation tool that serves the best result and available for a wide range of platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, Windows and more.

Translate Voice in Real Time

iTranslate Converse iPhone app works really well even when there’s background noise or when you speak fast. For this you will have to hold your iPhone upside down and this will dramatically improve results and also will create a more natural conversation experience. It literally turns your iPhone into a translation device, where you just need to tap, hold and speak. Release your hold and the app will start translating. There is no extra buttons or options. The entire screen of your phone is one big translate button. As you speak, the app automatically detects between the two selected languages and will start translating in the other language.

iTranslate Converse iPhone App Review

Prominently featured many times in the International Press, App Stores and in several television ads, the iTranslate App have been the best in class voice recognition system for a while now. It delivers the result real fast and you are also allowed to view and export the transcript after the translation. Supported languages ranges from Asian to European languages, that includes, Arabic, Chinese, English, Germany and so on.

Translate, anytime, anywhere

iTranslate Converse for iPhone, with more than 60 million downloads and 6 million monthly active users, is one of the leading translation apps available across all platforms. This real time machine translation enables travellers, students, business professionals, employers and medical staff to read, write and speak in most languages, anywhere in the world. The app is free to download for a 7 day trial. To continue using the app, they have a monthly, bi-monthly and an annual subscription.

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