Clarity Money Budget Planner iPhone App Review

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Clarity Money Budget Planner for iPhone helps you save money by combining the best features of existing money management apps into a one stop shop. People mostly struggle to manage credit accounts andbills which Clarity Money streamlines and offers big saving opportunities. You can see a consolidated account and transaction details in one place. Clarity Money app help you make smart decisions by using data science and machine learning to analyse your personal finance, especially budgeting and spending.

Know Where to Spend and How Much

Clarity Money for iPhone follows the same business model as most of the other financial servicing apps. The app keeps tab of your credit card transactions and it is aware of the interest you will be paying. The app will therefore show you an ad for cards with lower interest rates which will help you save money. Clarity Money app allows you to manage all your account including money transactions from one account to another. The transactions are organized into graphs which helps you analyze your spending habits. You need to set up the account in the app and connect all your credit cards. The app will display all the details in the form of cards, the information includes, financial handing, history and spending trends. It also shows list of accounts, the current balance, how much you spent on movies, travel, shopping and at restaurants. Seeing the spending nature, Clarity Money will give you suggestions with cost effective options.

Clarity Money Budget Planner iPhone App Review

By tracking the spending nature, the app also helps you cancel unwanted subscriptions, gives you information about recurring deposits and unlock your credit score from Experian. For this you must provide details like date of birth and social security number. The app sends you alerts whenever there is a change in the credit history.

Best Finance & Expense Tracking App

Clarity Money Budget Planner for iPhone is the best way to manage your credit score, plan budget, keep track of your expenses and thus gets you to save money. The app manages all financial accounts, be it savings account or credit account, you will get to know your financial health easily in a graphical firm. It is a free to download app and requires iOS 9.3 or later.

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