Agenda iPhone Note Taking App Review

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Agenda for iPhone is an interesting note-taking app that is bundled with a calendar and a task planner. It is a date focused note taking app that has its unique way to manage tasks that helps stay organised, driving your projects forward, and gives you a complete picture of past, present and future. The app can capture notes quickly and is incredibly flexible in adapting to the workflow. It is an intriguing way that is organised around dates and calendar.

Basic note taking with a twist

Agenda for iPhone organizes all notes as tasks in a time line and if you give a due date it will be ordered chronologically. You can create projects as categories to organize the notes. You keep adding notes to these projects and will get linked to the timeline or a calendar event. These notes will be labelled in a On the Agenda. You can now see in a glance all that matters to you for the day. The interface is quite intuitive. The left pane has all categories and projects. Tap the + button in the bottom left corner to create new categories or projects.

Agenda iPhone Note Taking App Review

Give a name and a color to the new category so everything is color coded and you can easily differentiate between categories. All projects added to the category will have the same color. There are three different sections, On the Agenda, Today and Search All. These three sections help you stay updated with the tasks of its past, present and future activities. You will be able to view the tasks for today and what’s on the pipeline. Search All helps you find certain keywords as it searches through the text in the editor.


Agenda for iPhone is a promising app for those who multitask and manage multiple events around the clock. It is fast and seamless and also adaptable. Though, initially you will feel it a bit complicated, it works really well the way you want it to. It is free to download with no limits. However you can get an extra premium features via the in-app purchases.

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