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KnowMe – AI Face Editor & Quizzes for iPhone is a better all-around app which is available for free in the iTunes App Store. It acts similarly to a Swiss army knife, combining several amusing features, and you can try them out by simply tapping before choosing what you want. There are a number of humorous elements, like gender swap, time machine, cosplay effect, and cartoon effect. Through KnowMe, you may effortlessly experience them and have a tonne of fun. Deep pondering is another beneficial quality. Breathe deeply while you meditate and pay attention. You are given access to a selection of music settings that have been carefully picked to assist you relax, stay concentrated, and get better sleep at night. Zen music can be heard as you meditate. Think deeply while soft music is playing in the app.

Cartoon Baby Maker & Meditation

Baby Prediction, which determines whether you will have a boy or girl, is the app’s main feature. Try to add photos of you and your partner to create your future child, then generate and share it with your friends. The look of the parents has a significant impact on your baby. With the use of our time machine, you can fulfill your goal. Use the app to forecast how you’ll appear when you’re 60 or 80. Using the palm reading tool, you may instantly predict the future by analyzing the lines on your hand. You will understand what each line represents and what the future has in store for you thanks to KnowMe. There are other subscription choices available in the app, including weekly, monthly, and yearly memberships.

Explore yourself in the app

You may choose from a tonne of unique photo filters. You may achieve your stunning cosplay appearance with just one tap rather than spending hours getting ready on the app by swiping through many styles and choosing the one that best matches you. The software makes it simple to see what another person like you might look like if they were of the other sex. Your fantasy may never come true, but AI facial analysis can make it a reality. Discover the alternate version of yourself right now by opening KnowMe. The app offers a huge variety of exams, such as those related to life, love, career, family, etc. You can discover more about yourself from various perspectives by taking a variety of exams.

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